Utopian Reborn

Yue Lu

Reassembling the Earth


Jazairy El Hadi


Global warming has made sea-level rise an increasingly serious problem. Although many countries are taking actions, it is almost impossible to slow down it in a short period of time. Island countries are more ecologically fragile and more vulnerable to rising sea levels. The lack of widespread attention and decreasing resources and land, as well as the resulting social problems, make it more difficult for these countries to face these difficult problems alone.

My thesis takes the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a Pacific island country, as an example to illustrate the seriousness of climate change and the environmental conditions. At the current rate of sea level rise, the Marshall Islands will completely disappear in the middle of the century. Survival, culture and economy are issues that every resident cannot neglect. In densely populated islands, people will face increasing flooding and land shortages. The resulting shortage of resources and poverty put them at risk of becoming climate refugees.

So far, there is no complete solution to the disaster, and current technology is inadequate to deal with the global problem. Architecture does not directly solve the problem itself, but through certain representation and artistic translation, it magnifies the problem of sea level rise and draws more people's attention to the possible disaster caused by sea level rise.

Through the study of the traditional culture of the Marshall Islands and possible solutions to the problem of climate change, two types architectural space are proposed. One is to build floating living units and the other is to imagine a utopian underwater living space. There are no special boundaries or differences between these two. They share the same design principle. The new life in the floating living unit and the reproduction of the traditional life in the underwater living unit show that the residents can reorganize their life in a new condition and hope to keep and protect their tradition.

The best solution to sea level rise is to take actions now, to pay more attention and sympathy to these fragile lives, reduce losses and protect more islands and homes, which is the best respect for humans and the environment.