Journey-Based Urban Design for Daxing Airport District

Yaqi Dai

Urban Design in the Pacific Rim--Beijing


Roy Strickland


This project invents journey-based urban design for the development of Daxing Airport District. Journey-based urban design is to promote the citizens to enjoy more about urban life which means they have the chance to access multiple transit methods, including public transits, shared bikes and a more friendly environment for pedestrians; on the other hand, journey-based urban life provides more serendipity within the cities. It transforms the street for people to have their social interaction instead of vehicle roaring by and more livable lifestyle and urban development mode. To achieve the journey-based built environment, this project initialed from the transformation of the modes of traffic system and street types. According to the revolution of the mobility system, the frontage of the building begins to respond, and a more integrated system starts up.

With the chance to adopt new urban technology, this thesis imagines more autonomous vehicles on the street and the street is no longer static but programmable according to various demands within a day. The street curb is changeable to provide space for delivery when traffic is slow, transformed to allow more vehicles when the traffic demand is high, accommodate food trucks during the lunchtime and allow more urban furniture and greenspace when it is leisure time for most people. When we put more emphasis on mass transit and autonomous vehicles, the demand for parking space will largely decrease. When more people move around on foot and bikes, the shops on the ground floor will be activated and urban life will be more dynamic and colorful.

The site for this thesis is a virgin land near Daxing Airport, which brings more opportunities and fewer restrictions. Added to the transformation of the street, a journey around the new-born city districts will link all the amenities and communities to envision a safe, equal, sustainable and dynamic urban life.

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