Sydnee Rigsby

Reassembling the Earth


Jazairy El Hadi


The overall interest that my project is pursuing is the concept of CO2 emissions within the atmosphere and why levels are at an all time high. Following this interest, how can we reduce, pause, or even reverse the issue of climate change? The immediate item to blame  after looking into history’s timeline of events - technology during the Industrial Revolution. I found that this may in fact be the answer to the issue of multiplying numbers of CO2 emitted. And instead of informing people about how we need to remove technology from our society, I wanted to take a route similar to that of Bruno Latour’s in “Learning to Love our Monsters.” Integrating our modern technologies, advancing architecture, and using forms of Geo-Engineering could aid in the solving of the problem of CO2 emissions that are inevitably leading us to the larger issue - climate change. Rather than shunning the concepts of technologies, I want to take a more realistic approach and learn to live with our monsters. In order to do so, I believe integrating Geo-Engineering tactics without everyday life styles would be our best options. Sulfer particle injections, Cloud Seeding, Reforestation, Albido Crops, Albido Ice, Marine Brightening, Marine Fertilization, Carbon Sequestration, and Direct Air Capture are all options in helping keep our plant safe from climate change. And, we already know how to use the technologies. The next step is using them to our utmost advantage against Climate Change.