House / Work

Scott Crandall

The Future of Work


Jono Sturt + Clement Blanchet


We find ourselves amidst a shift in what defines the environments of home and work. Whereas the past century established these as separate spheres, we now find elements from the sphere of the domestic infiltrating the sphere of the professional (and vice versa). How then do we differentiate these spaces from one another? How do we begin to arrange our programs of productivity in parallel to our domestic lives, and what is it about their melding that has entranced the emerging professionals of the world?

House / Work is a thesis consumed by the expectation that the future of work is a marriage of these spheres. Work will come to comprise both professional and domestic activities, to encompass the “holistically productive individual”. Through an analysis of how occupants orient themselves around the spheres separately, we can then engage what it means to meld them together, expanding on the emerging typology as an index of possibilities to be explored in application.

This investigation is staged in the Moulon region of the Paris-Saclay campus. This area suggests an intimate relationship between programs of research, business, and home, but falls short of a shared experience across them. Rather, the urban layout of the campus maintains separations in these blocks of programs. Business or research may be located near housing, but are divided by infrastructure. How does this relationship change when they occupy the same unit of space? How does the activity of the occupant change when their support network is contained in a single block of space? A vernacular of experimental typologies to test these relationships becomes necessary, where the home may comprise the primary zone of production. By situating test-proposals of differing arrangements of house and work, we might begin identifying how productivity is enhanced or diminished through their mutual adjacencies.