the Affair

Rhoda Du

Fictitious Space


Keith Mitnick


This project focuses on architecture’s ability in narration. Architecture is not only used as the setting of stories but also used as the symbolic and metaphoric expression adding into the narration to generate deeper meaning and further imagination. In films by Alfred Hitchcock and Bong Joon-ho, architecture is also the reflection of the character’s mental status. In order to push its ability to narrate, film production settings often consider the relationship between spatial language and camera language.

This story discusses the layers of reality in film production when the built movie setting is interacting with the production setting. It is staged in a domestic background, the house of a married couple, where disciplines and orders are strictly established by the wife, Paige, who has a controlling personality. When this house has to be used as the background of movie shooting, a different layer representing the fantasized adds in. The conflict between rational order and romantic imagination is conveyed through the interplay between the scene created by the camera and the reality behind it. Architecture is also used as the signifier of the relationship between characters, whether exposed or hidden.