Memorialize It!

Philip Elmore

Fictitious Space


Keith Mitnick


This thesis balances its discussion through graphic representation and a written narrative. The narrative premise is centered around citizens in a rural town, and their simultaneous perception of  recurrent natural disasters. The townsfolk farm all year ahead of the rainy season and exchange their harvest at a market across the river for a spray-foam like structural product which prevents the homes from being washed away in the storms.

As the downpour worsens the citizens mental stability becomes unhinged. They realize that this has all happened before and that they are pawns in a larger scheme.  The residents slowly attempt to uncover more and more of the truth as the town’s condition gets worse and the rain continues to fall. It is finally revealed that the storms have been engineered, the citizens are enslaved by the spray foam company and forced to farm until the product which dissolves in water erodes and their homes are flushed into oblivion and the cycle begins again.

The dual nature of the project allows for experimentation with topics of spatial mental models, collective memory and cryptomnesia in their thematic role as well as their spatial applications effectively transforming the thesis into a study on the qualities of remembered space.