Sanlitun Community Design

Jiaqi Xin

Urban Design in the Pacific Rim--Beijing


Roy Strickland


This project is located in the embassy district, which is the Sanlitun street area, Chaoyang District, Beijing City. Because the previous development direction for Beijing City cannot suit the current situation, the Chinese government decided to move some capital functions out of Beijing. One of the decisions is that the embassies in Sanlitun will be moved out from the current location. So the land occupied by these embassy buildings can be used for daily life activities by Beijing citizens in the future.

My research reveals that  there are three main problems with Beijing City: 1. The price of  houses is too high for many citizens to afford, so the living environment for them is not desirable. 2. Many traffic problems exist. 3. Many Beijing citizens lack outdoor activity spaces within their communities. This project tries to provide several solutions and form a mixed use community. The aim of this project is to fix Beijing City’s problems and meet the citizens' common desires. Hopefully the residents in this project can have a safe and comfortable living circumstance and many colorful outdoor activities. 
Site Massing and Use Study