An Architectural Book

Haopeng Sun

Fictitious Space


Keith Mitnick


This project explores how architecture infers abstract concepts upon physical reality. It is comprised of three distinct narratives: the story, the formal architectural language, and a super city. The story concerns the interface of human experience and artificial intelligence, in the setting of a war, when a computer virus is invented that threatens the control of an AI system at the same time that the AI systems attempt to control humans by enslaving them to a dream.

Responding to the story, the architectural language is composed of three elements: a three-dimensional arch, the image of an arch, and a mirror in which the form and image of an arch are reflected. The architectural form is generated through the combination of the three elements to explore different intersections between real and fictitious space.

The super city is comprised of a series of hypothetical architectural moments that are divided into three categories: a pavilion, Site-specific art, and building sections, to explore different patterns of perceptual experience.