A Modern City

Freddy Foote

Fictitious Space


Keith Mitnick


For my thesis I am developing a fiction novel as well as different representational modes in order to explore the concept of infinity in architecture. My thesis is that we encounter two different attitudes towards infinity in architecture. The first attitude reflects a desire for infinite expansion and the superimposition of the cartesian grid upon the land. The second attitude reflects a desire to be a part of something larger than one’s self. The aim of my thesis is to spatialize the dialectical relationship between these two different attitudes towards infinity.

This dialectical relationship plays out in my fiction novel. Set in a city in the future, the government has developed a gas that they release throughout their city, like fumigation, which makes the residents of the city feel no negative emotions, making them complacent towards the infinite expansion of their city. The protagonist of the story wears a mask to protect herself from the gas in order to feel the whole spectrum of human emotion. She is able to find like minded individuals and they develop a plot to stop the spread of the gas throughout the city for 24 hours. Then the residents can decide for themselves whether or not they want to be influenced by the gas.