Re-routing to Roots/Device-ing Architecture

Anisha Naik

Fictitious Space


Keith Mitnick


Inspired by the short film Apparences by Max and Claire which is based on the premise:
What if our environment was like a movie set? What would be our life in this fake world? "Apparences" is a 4K short film showing Paris like a fake city with ghostly human presence.

The short film aims to think of a realm where the experience and the fact of our environment is not the same; there exists a divide between perception and reality.

This work is based on the idea of ‘Obscuring parts to produce an Impactful Whole’. It looks at various forms, versions and manifestations of the ‘Obscure’. Research on threads like ‘obscurity by generational gaps’ to ‘overlaid identities’ to its actual definition- ‘concealing’ lead to an interwoven fabric in the form of a short story by the name ‘Re-routing to Roots’. The story revolves around an old house in Prague and a young professional who moves into it. The house displays various characteristics like overlaid identities, deception, generational gap and things hidden in plain sight drawing from the initial research on the elements of obscurity. The story moves forward with the protagonist and her friends trying to explore and discover new and old facts that familiarize her about her roots through unseemly forces. Various characters, spaces and events function on different types of obscurities. Terming them devices, the work later tries to extract their essence in architectural settings pondering upon questions like-
‘Why do we trace objects in clouds?’
‘Why are we so sure that the interior of the house coincides with the exterior façade?’
‘What are some obscure ways to establish connection between physical entities?’
‘Can the inside be a deception of the outside?’