Time Jump to Havana, Autonomous Allies!

Andrea Marquez

Civic Futures


Bryan Boyer


Dear Traveler,

I am writing to you from the future, long after the US embargo disappeared. When a wave of intelligent technology landed on Havana’s doorstep, we cooked capitalism to its core. While you were busy forfeiting your liberties to corporate governance, we remained free from their grasp. How do you enjoy living in your own little worlds now? Robots from individualist countries like the US were reprogrammed in Cuba to preserve a unique way of life and extended individual freedoms in unexpected ways. Intelligent robots gave the people democratic control. While other nations shifted towards automated labor, widening the gap between human and machine, Cuba engaged the unfamiliar by slipping automation into the intensely human supply chains we already had.

The technological transition was our moment to finally have a chance at socio-political redemption…to end the era of scarcity and mass migration that followed the Cold War. Even 2020 was still a time when a lot of Cubans remained indifferent about the future and discouraged to think about change. The black market was the only way to distribute forbidden media, one house and one terabyte at a time. The underground SNet shut down as more Wi-Fi plazas became available. And you Americans were so proud of yourselves for “inventing” the sharing economy and car-sharing networks, when we had been living like that for half a century already. We skipped all that bullshit you built: endless seas of parking lots, pasta bowls of highways, and all the other obsolete indulgences that your individualist society just “had to have.” Don’t let the vintage cars fool you, Havana has always been your future.

Adjunto encontrarás un Guide Book para navegar 2035.
Buena suerte,

P.S. I still can’t believe it nearly took you a human lifetime to remove the Embargo. Were you so afraid we’d make you look bad?