El Hadi Jazairy


Reassembling the Earth



The thesis section investigates media technologies that place the narrative of climate change, a story that is difficult both to tell and to hear, at the center of the theater of the world. Given that climate issues are un-representable in their scale, their complexity, and their duration, then perhaps architectural representations —be it gigantic drawings or model miniatures of the Earth, animations or stage sets— can present these concerns to the senses. Such re-assembling of the Earth seeks to encapsulate that which scientific rationalization alone has failed to communicate and mobilize. Contrary to representations of acceleration, the thesis section seeks to produce artifacts that respond to the “slow violence” of the Anthropocene and the “great acceleration” of global media cycle in what one might perceive as a form of “slow media.” What might such media technology for the age of the climate change look like? Where can it find its publics? How might certain kinds of devices disturb, startle, or delight us into new ways of thinking and feeling the Earth?